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Discreet Adventures: Products & Services

Discreet Adventures

Discreet Adventures is a unique online dating site. It is regarded as unique because it is among the few sites that offer safe and discreet dating services for attached or married people. Extramarital affairs among married people have been going on since time immemorial.   In fact, Marketdata Enterprises which is one of the reputable market research companies estimates that about 30% of the people who use online dating services are already married.  

There are many reasons why people have extramarital affairs.  Some of the common reasons are search for romance, friendship, adventure and sex. The objective of Discreet Adventures is to enable such people to have a safe and discreet love affair online from the comfort of their homes. 

Products and services offered by Discreet Adventures

Discreet Adventures is a legitimate meeting place for real men and women from all over the world who are looking for a discreet extramarital affair.  The site is free to join but the age limit is 21 years.  Becoming a member is easy as all you have to do is sign up.  After signing up, you are able to access the various features offered by the site to enable you succeed in your search for romance and adventure.  Some of the features you can access as a free member are:

  • Create a personality profile
  • Basic member search
  • Profile browsing
  • Sending winks ( a simple and friendly way to letting another member know that you are interested in them)
  • Receive and respond to emails
  • Uploading multiple pictures
  • Browsing pictures
  • Instant messaging
  • Send a kiss (a wordless message that tells a member indirectly that you are interested in him/her)
  • Audio chat
  • Camera chat
  • Create hot list
  • Create Favorites list

There is also VIP membership for those who would like to enjoy more advanced services.  VIP members are charged some money and are able to access the following additional services: 

  • Initiating chat sessions
  • Custom mail messaging
  • Advanced search tools
  • Unlimited gifting
  • Access to the members area
  • Sending gifts and kisses

In addition, Discreet Adventures has an affiliate program for its members.  Whenever a member introduces a VIP member to the site, the member earns 40% of the amount paid plus a monthly bonus. They also have a Two-Tier referral program that enables members who actively promote the site to earn 10% commission.  Payments are made monthly so long as the member has earned a minimum of $50. Additional information about the services is available at

Discreet Adventures: Company Background

Company Background

It is not clear where the offices of Discreet Adventures are located and the telephone numbers and postal address are not also available.    It looks like the company transacts all its businesses through emails.  Members with queries are requested to first look for answers in the FAQ section.  Those with complex issues can get help by filling their simple online contact form.

The names of the founders of Discreet Adventures have also not been disclosed.  However, this site is registered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and its IP address is   The site was registered in January 2004 but started transacting serious business in 2006.

Discreet Adventures: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer Feedback

Discreet Adventures has not received a lot of reviews from customers may be because of the need to be discreet.  However, a few have given positive feedback saying that it is a legitimate site with real women and men.  For instance, on January 30, 2012, Arrowmee, a 54 year old male had this to say:

yes this is a good site and is legit,Thay dont try to up sell you anything and dont send you fake women that want to meet you just to get you to sine up. more men that women but i chated with some good women and some snots . and the price is good .

it is real and legit but slow but real women dont jump on anything that comes there way anyway.if you give respect you some times get it back

none not at all

Arrowmee does recommend Discreet Adventures to friends/family.  This review can found at

All in all, it appears that members are quite happy with this site.  If they were not, there would have been many complaints in forums.  They are also happy with the price that the site charges its VIP members.

Discreet Adventures: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Business Credibility

Discreet Adventures does not have BBB rating so it is not easy to establish their business credibility.  They are however listed in a number of affiliate directories such as,, Affiliate Programs Guide and  They are also listed in,, and among others.

Some sites like say that Discreet Adventures business is highly credible.  This is what they stated:

Reputation – 80/100

User rating – 91/100 (38 votes)

Site speed – 08668190 (which is quite high)

Discreet Adventures: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Website Popularity

The membership base of Discreet Adventures is composed of approximately 35% married females and 65% males.  There are about 472 couples, 23,370 males and 4,078 females registered on the site.  This number is quite low compared to the number of members in similar sites.

The total number of users are approximately 783,750 with 475,000 being men and 308,750 women. The site receives about 67,640 visitors per month and about 2,255 daily.  Most of the visitors are between 35 – 49 years.   The users are from all over the world and are distributed as follows:

  • America & Canada - 65 %
  • EU Area - 30 %
  • Other regions - 5 %

In addition, this site is ranked 526, 504 by Alexa out of 30 million domains.  Alexa also gives it a safety rating of 7 out of 100 and 156 backlinks.  However, the site does not have page ranking from Google. 

Discreet Adventures: Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Discreet Adventures does not have links to social media pages.   However, according to, it does have some social media presence as follows:

  • Google plus – 3
  • Twitter Backlinks – 2
  • Facebook shares – 20
  • Stumbled Upon – 2
  • Facebook comments – 4

This site also has a blog with articles giving general advice about how to succeed in online affairs.  This blog is reviewed regularly and was last updated in August 2012.

Discreet Adventures: Website Security & Safety

Website Security

Discreet Adventures website has covered most of the security and privacy issues.  Members are able to register, browse, perform searches and contact other members in complete anonymity.  They can later decide to reveal their identity to those who strike their fancy if they so wish.  In addition, the site has a feature that allows members to post password protected photos for additional security.  The management also understands the complex nature of extramarital affairs and does not therefore send any messages or information at the office or at home.  They also do not rent, give away or sell the personal email addresses or other information to 3rd parties. 

Results from Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site show that this website is not currently listed as suspicious.  The results also show that when Google visited the site on 2012-08-14, no suspicious content was found on it.  None of the pages tested showed any download on installation of malicious software without the consent of the user.  It did not also appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites and had not hosted any malicious software in a period of 90 days.   All this information can be found at

When it comes to payment, Discreet Adventures has a very discreet procedure.   When you pay using a credit card, the name of Discreet Adventures payment processor shows on your card statement as"2CHECKOUTCOM877-294-0273".

Discreet Adventures: Pricing & Packages


Although joining Discreet Adventures is free to join, it is advisable to upgrade your membership to VIP status.  Free membership limits your activities on the site and this could limit you chances of achieving your objective.  Upgrading to VIP status enables you to access additional services.

The pricing for this company's services are as follows:

1 month VIP Membership – one-time charge of $24.95

3 month VIP Membership – one-time charge of $49.95

6 month VIP Membership – one-time charge of $79.95

These prices are much lower than those charged by similar dating companies.

Discreet Adventures: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping Rates & Policies

Since Discreet Adventures is a dating site, they only deal with services and therefore do not have products to ship.  You can decide to become a free member or to upgrade to a VIP member to enjoy more privileges.  Members are able to enjoy the free services offered by this site immediately after signing up.

Those who choose to upgrade to VIP status start enjoying the services immediately after the payment process has been completed.  This could take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the payment method chosen.  Once the VIP status expires, the member immediately reverts to free membership status.  Those who wish to renew their VIP membership have to go through the checkout process once again.  This company provides its services to people from all parts of the world.

Discreet Adventures: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment MethodsDiscreet Adventures accepts various payment methods for the convenience of their customers.  These Methods include:

  • Paypal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa card
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • American Express

Those who are not comfortable paying through any of these methods can pay using a money order. If you wish to pay through money order, you make a request through their online contact form.

Discreet Adventures: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Return/Refund Policy

Discreet Adventures has put a return/refund policy in place.  A member can get a refund if he changes his mind for whatever reason.  No questions are asked when the refund requested.  However, the refund policy states that a refund can only be given within 24 hours of upgrading.  Refunds requested after 24 hours cannot be granted.  In addition, the refund can only be given to a member who has not made any contact with other members since the upgrade.  There is no evidence to show whether they honor or do not honor their money back guarantee policy.

Discreet Adventures: Product images & screenshots
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